Marriott Rooms Forecasting Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 1
Should we accept the additional reservations?
The additional reservations should be accepted by Snow. Selling out the house for a business hotel would be a real coup and this would enhance the revenues of the company. The cost of denying a room to the customer is high and it would impair the goodwill of the hotel. Therefore, the additional reservations of 60 people should be accepted by the hotel. Furthermore, the analysis of the forecasted pickup ratios, forecasted DOW and the forecasted demand following Week 14, we can see that the actual demand is going to be higher than the capacity of the hotel therefore, the additional reservations for 60 people should be accepted.
Question 2
Which statistic method should we use in order to come up with the valid forecast?
We have used the simple exponential smoothing method to forecast the demand for week 14. We have used a smoothing constant of 0.5. This method has many advantages such as it is easy to understand and apply to time series data. This method produces accurate forecasts for one period ahead because it makes use of the trend projection technique. It is also accurate method because it incorporates the differences between what actually occurred and the actual projections. More significance is given to the recent observations and this results in a more accurate forecast of the data.

Marriott Rooms Forecasting Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

We have applied the 3 days simple moving average method to forecast the pickup ratios and the DOW index for the period of week 14. Using this we have calculated the adjusted pickup ratio and then we have calculated the forecasted pickup ratio and DOW index. Using the forecasted pickup ratios, we have multiplied it by the Tuesday bookings to compute the forecasted demand which is shown in the table below:
Week Dow Indicator Tuesday Bookings Pickup Ratio Dow Index Adjusted Pickup Ratio
1 1 – 0.972 0.865 1.124
2 – 1.007 0.911 1.105
3 – 1.192 0.973 1.225
4 – 1.31 1.013 1.293
5 – 1.499 1.068 1.404
6 – 1.318 1.123 1.174
7 – 1.144 1.049 1.091
2 1 – 0.912 0.865 1.054
2 – 0.94 0.911 1.032
3 – 1.065 0.973 1.095
4 – 1.014 1.013 1.001
5 – 1.117 1.068 1.046
6 – 1.22 1.123 1.086
7 – 1.188 1.049 1.133
3 1 – 1.056 0.865 1.221
2 – 1.131 0.911 1.241
3 – 1.21 0.973 1.244
4 – 1.293 1.013 1.276
5 – 1.478 1.068 1.384
6 – 1.494 1.123 1.330
7 – 1.117 1.049 1.065
4 1 – 0.952 0.865 1.101
2 – 0.907 0.911 0.996
3 – 0.918 0.973 0.943

The software is built with historical data and projected trends in mind. This allows it to collect historical data about hotel stays and project the results using historical trends to predict future trends. A “hierarchy” of hotels are analyzed to determine which ones will show trends that the historical data points to.

Historical data from real-world locations is collected and analyzed. The data includes the number of rooms, prices, and occupancy level. Future information is supplied by researching real-world trends in hotel room rentals and prices.

Based on historical data and projected trends, a database is built for each hotel. This database contains the statistics for the various types of hotels in the database.

It is used to develop hotel reservation systems that could be used by hotel managers. To determine what types of hotels to book at which prices, the computer can search for all available hotel rooms, regardless of the type of property or price that they may be booked at.

This hotel management software is an effective tool for both the hotel manager and customer service representatives because it eliminates all human errors. These are usually the two most stressful parts of the job, so this eliminates a lot of frustration for the employees.

It also eliminates the possibility of mistakes by making the customer service representative aware of all changes before they happen. A simple press of a button can prevent a problem from getting worse.

The Forecasting Case Solution system was designed to be easy to use. Before the system was put to use, it was programmed to ensure that all customers would be happy with the service. The system was easy to install because it used a database to store all hotel information, and it could be accessed remotely without much of a problem.

The system does not make the customer service representatives responsible for any future changes, so all changes to the system will be the responsibility of the hotel management. This means that the customer will have no complaints about anything that may happen in the future.

Customers are happier when they receive an immediate response when they call the service. All information is communicated to the customer immediately after the problem has been resolved.

This is a great tool to use for training of customer service representatives because they will quickly see that the system works. They will be able to handle a new problem that occurs with no further training needed.

Marriott Room Forecasting

When you are looking for a hotel, choosing the Marriott Rooms Forecasting could be your best bet. Hotel websites have a huge range of different hotels to choose from and while these hotels provide excellent accommodation at a reasonable price, you would still want to know a bit more about these hotels before making a booking. After all, a lot of research has to go into choosing a hotel, and so any errors that might be introduced by the hotel website will affect the overall experience that you have in the hotel.

This is a common error people make when looking for hotels online. Many people simply take the word of the hotel website about the quality of the hotel they are looking at, but when it comes to choosing the best hotel to stay in, this is the biggest mistake you can make.

If you check out the website of the hotel you are considering booking, you will soon find that a lot of its services and facilities are based on a mathematical model and it will appear that the hotel was created by a group of mathematicians. The hotel website, in other words, will give you the impression that their hotel was created by a group of mathematicians who knew all about maths.

For example, the mathematical modelling used by this type of hotel will help to determine the expected amount of sales in each room. This will influence how many rooms are available and what costs each room might incur during the course of a night. Therefore, these types of hotels use mathematical modelling to determine which rooms are more profitable than others, and thus, how much profit the hotel can make from each room.

But, when it comes to choosing a hotel, not all mathematical modelling will be accurate. Some of it will simply be based on guesswork and might even have very little bearing on the outcome.

Marriott Rooms Forecasting makes use of the latest mathematical modelling techniques to create a hotel that offers you all the amenities you could ever dream of. In fact, you may never need to leave the hotel premises for food or entertainment. Hotel management is always planning how best to save money and maximise every possible area that they can.

Marriott Rooms Forecasting incorporates this same type of mathematics into its hotel management. This type of maths will determine which types of rooms will sell well, and which types will be more profitable than others.

You may never need to leave the hotel premises for food or entertainment. Hotel management is always planning how best to save money and maximise every possible area that they can.

Of course, this type of match is only of benefit to hotel management, but it could benefit you. It might even provide a hint as to whether or not you should choose to stay in one of these Marriott Rooms Forecasting hotels.

There is a good chance that you could find a better location to stay in if you owned your own luxury hotel and you just had to find the best location for you and your family. After all, you are the only one who can decide where you want to stay, and your hotel management will only care about your profitability and how well they can generate income.

Marriott Rooms Forecasting could be the perfect way to find a great hotel and a fantastic location to stay in. If you do your research properly, you might even end up having your own hotel within three or four years.

So, if you are trying to find a hotel that offers you everything that you want and none of the things that you don’t, then you might consider using Marriott Rooms Forecasting. Make sure that you check it out now!

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