Mahindra Aerospace: Looking Ahead Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mahindra Aerospace, a leading private sector firm in India, along with its international expansion had also produced opportunities for aerospace industry in India through the formation of assembling capacity. The Chairman, HemantLuthra, and the CEO and Executive Director, ArvindMehra, had to determine the future growth of the aerospace industry in India and decide on the strategies of the company’s prospects. In order to determine about the future growth strategies for the company, the top executives needed to examine the situation of the industry that had developed since its entrance.Luthra and Mehar were mainly responsible to ensure the future sustainability of Mahindra Aerospace through strategic planning.

The Mahindra Group enhanced its technical expertise already, and Mahindra Aerospace included some skills through acquisition, and in engineering design it was ready to participate, and also be a supplier to a few key players. Mahindra expected to move ahead through developing a framework that could help to build an effective value chain, as it hada leading cost advantage over conventional American and European Airlines and had the technical expertise over new players in the industry. The lengthy evolutionperiods for product development and manufacturing andhigh unpredictability of the market, made the senior executivessensitive towards this particular nature of the industry. Subsequently, for the sustainability and strategic growth of the Mahindra Aerospace, it was essential to make reasonable capital investment decisions.

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Mahindra Aerospace: Looking Ahead

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