M-PESA POWER LEVERIGING SERVICE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

M-PESA is a unique mobile phone banking service, originally started by an American Vodafone company. It was launched in Kenya, with a view of providing ease of getting microfinance without having any bank account need and proper banking channel. To provide convenience to the people of under-developed countries like Kenya, having no access to bank accounts, but using mobile phones considerably. To provide them an opportunity, to deal with their matters related to finance and money, with less hustle and cost too. Vodafone launched this as a pilot service, initially by keeping in mind the concept of mobile banking and funding through mobile phones, but the users has turned the direction of the company, to an effective mobile business model.That provides unique features of fund transfers and money sharing by mobile phone usage.
The idea of fund repayments has transformed in to a unique business model that has achieved growth in a very short period, service started in 2003 has attained millions of customers up to the date. Vodafone has chosen less developed and pessimist countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, extended up to Afghanistan for fulfilling this CSR initiative. The local company Safaricom in Kenya has started this initiative, by creating partnership with Vodafone and soon this service has become popular all over Kenya.
M-PESA POWER LEVERIGING SERVICE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Numerous services are allowed by M-PESA, including making withdrawal and deposits of money and transferring money to the distant areas. Some people who lives in the cities and needs to transfer their money to those living in village areas, this service has created its importance and value in the eyes of users, because of the less transaction value and wider spam of coverage.
The business model has made the life easy for the people where the model is successfully operated.It includes saving their transportation costs and increases the productivity of businesses. M-PESA provides huge business platform to people to save their money and use it productively. The system has been innovatively used throughout the world, to facilitate number of customers.For instance in Afghanistan, it is first used to pay police officer salaries, the service achieved huge success and soon it was used for various reasons in Afghanistan.
The business has established its name and got fame, by involving various innovative features of money transferring and money dealing. The strategy of bringing something, which was new to the people who do not have much exposure to such things and financial environment.They have brought unique service that turned out as an efficient business, to most of the people involved in M-PESA network.
An underdeveloped society such as Kenya has gained a lot, M-PESA brings connectivity to the people, retail stores and small business organizations are also actively involved in providing the services. People use the technology in many diverse ways, to gain maximum advantage and less cost.
The way of the mobile banking and money transferring that M-PESA has started has a long way to go and not stopped yet. The subscribers and the users are increasing day by day. M-PESA is spreading its wing to the new societies and increasing its canvas, by bringing more innovation to such type of business model, according to the characteristics of the society........

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