Lynn Garcia Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Lynn Garcia Case Solution

After showing eChange's principle through a preliminary set of makers, Garcia started the procedure of raising capital to scale eChange throughout the United States. After accepting a deal from Valley Partners, Garcia was enjoyed turn eChange into a nationwide brand name. Nevertheless, throughout the due diligence procedure, it penetrated that Valley Partners and Garcia were not on the exact same page, and Garcia should identify exactly what to do. In the last 2 vignettes, Garcia should identify ways to react to 2 tough call. The very first is from Zachary Jones at the Federal Reserve, who wished to much better comprehend eChange's organisation and its possible to adversely affect the Federal Reserve. The second was from WSCM News press reporter Amy Watson, who prepared to run a telecasted story "exposing" eChange makers' mistakes, although her allegations got out base.

Knowing Objective

The case takes a look at numerous discovering goals: 1) Understanding ways to consult and enhance the quality of counsel got; 2) Navigating tough discussions and relationships, consisting of those that include increased feelings; 3) Taking care of complicated financier relationships; 4) Engaging with outer audiences, consisting of the federal government and media.

The fictitious Lynn Garcia case takes a look at numerous supervisory difficulties dealt with by newbie CEO Lynn Garcia. After finishing from Stanford's GSB, Garcia established eChange, a self-service coin-counting business that made it possible for users to transform coins into other kinds of currency. As Garcia grew the business, she came across a range of tight spots. Each of the 5 vignettes feature in the event may be fixed via a range of methods and choices, without any clear "right" choice.

The very first vignette takes a look at the many sources of recommendations readily available to Garcia, from schoolmates to buddies to teachers to expert affiliations. With many prospective sources of counsel, Garcia should figure out the very best technique for looking for assistance. In the 2nd vignette, Garcia needs to figure out ways to browse a difficult telephone chat with an infamously difficult consultant called Gene Mathews.

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