Ledinalushko: Navigating Health Care Delivery Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ledinalushko: Navigating Health Care Delivery Case Solution


This case study revolves around a 62 years old lady, suffering from metastatic nonidentical carcinoma an aggressive cancer of adrenal gland. The decision took by her and her family regarding the treatment of that adverse cancer, and the consequences that have encountered them and the tough decisions that had been made leading and her family all are explained in detail in this case study.Moreover, this case focuses on the difficulties faced by them in the selection of proper treatment at the proper time regarding the severity of disease. This case study and its analysis reveal the journey of the lady through the healthcare system and all her efforts to find the appropriate care.

Analysis of the case:

The whole journey of the healthcare system of the lady fluctuates regarding the treatment and the decisions of the family to deal with the dangerous disease. The undetermined thinking patterns of the doctors, as well as the variety of consultants had made the decision-making process more nerve-wrenching and caused the lady to suffer from more pain. Moreover, her daughter, Elsa, made this process of selecting efficient healthcare approach and appropriate consultant to deal with her mother.

Communication was not a major problem, but it had contributed in delaying Leda's treatment. There were several hospitals and specialists involved in dealing with Leda's case. Each one of them dealt with the case according to their perspective. Some of them effectively coordinated with each other while others responded to the case individually, thus creating nuisance and more complications for the lady with variety of different conclusions. Additionally, there is also a limitation of communication apparent that each one of the various consultants had contributed their treatments according to the understanding they had. There might be some communication barriers while the lady discussed her issues with the doctors and their understanding accordingly.

Analyze the problems of the healthcare system:

The fifteen months were full of struggles, hopes, disappointments and a lot of switched decisions, which were undertaken by the family. Numerous decisions were made, which clearly indicates that the family was exhausted by the difference of opinions and the approaches suggested by the medical consultants. It also indicates their personal lacking attribute of predefined and on time efficient decision making, thus contributing to the overall prolonged healthcare structure of the lady.

This case shows the incoherent approach of various medical consultants and their non-uniform ideas that have caused the woman to suffer from anxiety and the loss of time and money as well.The number of decisions by the family in this relative one and a half year time made it evident that the people in the US lack basic knowledge and understanding of taking proper decisions to select the appropriate professional and technique to save a patient’s life. Such experts and medical specialist also do not have such capabilities to make effective decisions at the proper time busing their skills efficiently.

Since the disease was severe, and the decision-making approach for real cure needed attention,Adana's situation portrayed more sophisticated approach for handling the complicated situation. Tactfulness is important, but when things are over fragmented, it makes the situation worse. An example of this could be the decision making which started from Johnson hospital with the junior consultant and inpatient evaluation by Dr. Franklin Henley, followed by Dr. Jack Smith, Dr. Rena Patel, Dr. Michael Y u, Dr. Jones, and Dr. Bailey. Second opinions by Dr. Wood, Dr. Dill man, Dr. House and many other subordinates contributed to the delayed treatment of the lady and vicariousness to the contribution of the successful treatment. Their fluctuating choices were obvious because of the severity of the disease but what made it worse was the difference of opinions of the consultants and the choices they had to consider to deal with the disease in the best manner.

Ledinalushko Navigating Health Care Delivery Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Fragmented care:

The fragmentation of attention is clearly seen in the case, starting from Johnson hospital, which conducted the initial analysis and surgical operations, and afterwards the treatment from Milford hospital, consultancy from Klein cancer center. Lastly, the University of Wisconsin also played a role given the variety of consultants with different experiences and results which contributed towards the mismanaged treatment structure adopted by the lady and her family. Each one of the consultants made the process difficult for the woman except for few of the specialists that had made an accurate diagnosis and appropriate solution to the problem at the first instance though the lady's family did not opt for it. Leda's daughter had made the decisions more difficult for them, as her approaches for finding a more appropriate solution and method that is more reliable created more troubles for her motherland the doctors...............

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