Laura Carpenter Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

  1. Use the data in the case to formulate hypotheses about Laura´s values in use

Through the case, it can be analyzed that Laura Carpenter being a young, energetic individual values empowerment, authority, obedience, and self-actualization. She isconsidered to be very obedient, which can be depicted through her behavior and role in the organization. Her loyalty and obedience is clearly seen through the fact that she discusses every big and small issue with David, to obtain his approval.Laura valuesDavid’s opinions which can be noticed through her compliance to discuss every meagre matter what David, even if she knows the answer already. In addition to this, Laura also values growth and self-esteem, which can be analyzed from her behavior of switching to other departments to learn anything new. She also values determination because she desires to join Harvard and Stanford to establish a good reputation of being an MBA from a top university.

In addition to this, the case also portrays a conflict of values between Laura and David, who has always been a supporting ladder for Laura and pampered her well butLaurathought of this special treatment by David as frustratingly childlike. Which is why, she has to take the support of white lie, occasionally. Moreover, she prefers to bepromoted over her current position; sheseems to be in a state of confusion as she can’t decide whether to quit or continue at the same position.

Laura Carpenter Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

2a) what she has done right in managing her professional life to date?

Laura has been an intelligent, charming, energetic and pro-active person. She started her career as a secretary in a firm and later joined Concord as marketing officer, in retail marketing. The products were securities, financial advisory, and bonds. Being a bachelor degree holder, the first thing she did right was accepting David’s offer to work under him in retail marketing. Under the direct supervision of David, Laura learned great things and got thefirsthand experience that she needed to succeed in her career. David treated Laura as a child, for example, by agreeing with her onevery issue, whatever the situation. Being obedient to David was the second thing Laura did right in her job. It was a right decision to involve David in every decision that she had to make, which made David trust Laura more and also satisfied David’s inner need of exercising his power influence. Her obedience to David opened new gateways for Laura to learn. For example, she was madea spokesperson for David, which made her a visible entity for the shareholders and clients. Also, due to her obedience, she was given immense rewards and attractive salary packages which changed her life style and status. Moreover, during her six years in the organization, Laura excelled in many ways, such as, she was given the authority to makehigh level decisions without permission or consideration, except by David, which influenced her to exploit new grounds. David nurtured her in a way, that she may succeed him in the coming years, which would give Laura more authority and power, and will also make her vision shift from being an ordinary executive to beinga leader................

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