Kyocera Corp. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Three factors are considered important to the remarkable success of this company in the field of high technologies. The first factor is the founder of a powerful leadership of Dr. Inamori's. The second strong corporate culture and philosophy of the company. The third element in the success of Kyocera is the management systems of the company, which is "amoeba" of profit centers. This system is linked interactive level meetings and a strong company philosophy, which emphasizes both creativity and business to a higher purpose for the benefit of the company. This philosophy of the above general objectives prevents the struggle between profit centers and preserves the unity of purpose, while encouraging high personal autonomy and creativity, thanks to the control system. This system, combined with the philosophy and contributes to several levels of the initiative of the individual and of the whole company. By Dr. Inamori to communicate this philosophy to employees. "Hide
by John P. Kotter, Nancy Rothbard Source: Harvard Business School 12 pages. Publication Date: March 15, 1991. Prod. # 491 078-PDF-ENG

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