Just Us Coffee Roasters Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Just Us Coffee Roasters Case Study Solution

  1. - “To jump-start sales at the coffeehouses, could we attract new customers? If so, whom and how? If not, why not? Especially considering that Second Cup plans to open 130 new coffeehouses, according to its development plan”

Just Us! Coffee shops are surrounded by customers and it is very important for them to increase their customer base and attract new customers. Therefore, itrecommended for the company to increase its marketing budgets and focus on aggressive marketing strategies like promotions, discounts etc. as well as traditional and social media marketing on differentwebsites and socialmediaplatforms. This strategy will help the company to increase its customers and revenue. However, threat of 130 stores Second Cup is not that important, because the Just Us! Menu and meals, as well as coffeeshops and its ambiance is its core competency.


  1. - “It is time to consider a change in our positioning as a ´third place, an ideal place to savoir coffee away from home to work´? Propose a new experience for current and potential customers? After all, The Wired Monk coffeehouses serve alcoholic beverages! And both Trident and Coburg carry used books!”

Currently, Just Us! is at the third place in serving customers and making them feel comfortable and relaxed. The ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant isvery refreshing and relaxing. However, if the customer positioning is changed, there wouldn’t be any difference as it will have approximately the same position as it has now. However, the new positioning will have some positive as well as negative impacts on customers. The positive impact, that it will attract customers who are trying to get relaxed, away from home and office. On the other hand, the negative impact will be the customers who are coming to Just Us! for community and work meetings, will be demotivated, as it is not the community place as it was before.

The alcoholic beverages are provided for the interest of their clients. However, this positioning statement is not related to this new positioning proposed by Just Us. Therefore, this comparison is not right, until something that is in its customers’ interest. For example, indoor games or newspapers etc.

  1. - “Should the product offerings be reviewed? In fact, the menus were thoroughly revamped a year ago, and I think we made important changes. How will Christine react? Is the obligation to offer products with organic ingredients, coming from local producers, if possible, more of a constraint than a commercial edge? Is it time to review this approach?

Just Us! has a competitive advantage of providing organic food over many restaurantsas well as the vision and mission of providing healthy and organic food to customers. However, change in menu, especially change in organic food will harm the brand image and reputation of the restaurant, as well as it will impact badly on the potential and regular customers whocome here for the organic food and drinks. However, the restaurant’s menu is very different from other coffee shops and its menu is more of its competitive advantage over strong market competitors. Therefore, it is suggested to not to change the menu and food offerings, until something different and more organic for consumers is introduced.

On the other hand, Christinehas been responsible for leadership of four coffee shops. However, she has no authority over increasing sales andrevenue, or the changes in menu of the restaurant. Therefore, she does not have the right to react on the things which are not her responsibility.

Just Us Coffee Roasters Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



  1. - “Cultural activities at the coffeehouses seem to be running out of steam. So, why have other coffeehouses developed the same formula to attract clients? Should I suggest to Tom that he cut Sarah´s position so he can invest her salary elsewhere, e.g., in promotions with major discounts for students, a good segment of the market for the Wolf Ville and Spring Garden coffeehouses? Or use advertising much more dynamically?”

Sadia is responsible for advertising, sales promotion and event planning. However, in marketing team, Pauline owns three more people who are responsible for sales and marketing. On the other hand, Jeff is responsible for social and other event panning. Therefore, there is no need of Sadia, as her work can be done and distributed among the existing people. Her salary and labor costs can be utilized in many other activities of marketing and advertising such as promotional discounts or loyalty cards for regular and potential customers. Moreover, the money could also be used for investing purposes and openinganother store where strong competitors exist.

Culture and traditions have always been important for every person in his/her life. However, the type of culture varies from person to person, and merely, family to family. Likewise, different culture is proposed in different restaurants. The restaurant’s culture must be unique and ambiguous, but at the same time, it should be common to all customers, so that it is liked by everyone. The culture of book reading, internet surfing or music is promoted in different restaurants. Therefore, this formula worked out for attracting the clients...................

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