Food Banks Canada: Revisisting Strategy 2012 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement

Katherine Schmidt, the Executive Director of Food Banks Canada is seeking an alternative solution for the next five year strategy for the organization. Her main concern is the issues that are present in the environment and keeping in mind these issues, she needs to decide whether to peruse with the current strategy or to modify the strategy. The main aim is to create a better alignment between the organization and the environment and to work more closely with the federal bodies. Besides that, she also needs to decide on how to strengthen the national influence that the organization has and saving the memberships of food banks from isolation as well.


In order to analyze the situation, it is apparent to understand the company and the environment in which the company is operating


The major strengths of the company are the increase in revenue that has inclined from $1 million to $5 million. Advocacy on hunger issues is the major strength of the company. Research is also a main tool that the company utilized to enhance its performance. Besides that, the initiatives like National Food Sharing system and other related programs can be accounted as the real benefits of the company. However, the organizations failed to meet its vision and mission and did not create strong awareness that can be the major weaknesses of the company. On the other hand, the main opportunity for the company is to open up and show more support for food banks and create new initiatives to gain strong support from government bodies.

Besides that, the company through effective utilization of resources enhances the performance and attracts more donors. However, the major threat for the company is the utilization of resources and the stringent environment which is putting barriers for the company.

PEST Analysis

The political structure is quite favorable and show ample support towards initiatives like food banks as hunger is a major issue in the country. On the other hand, the economic condition is also supported and the wealth structure is quite strong. The economy is on the right direction which can be supportive for Food Banks Canada. The social environment is quite unique as the people are from different cultures and the diversity can be a challenge for the organization. Technology is also growing that can be utilized to enhance on research and identify new opportunities.


Alternative 1: Advocating Efforts at Federal Level

The first alternative for Katherine is to shift their strategy and focus towards advocating efforts at the federal level by increasing their efforts towards this aspect. This can be proven to be a critical opportunity that can give certain benefits to the organization. This opportunity will provide the company with an opportunity to pursuecapacity building which is an important aspect as it will allow the company to deliver the food to the most deserved people.

Secondly, the company can also enhance its acquisition of food by getting support from federal network and can improve on their distribution as well. On the other hand, the company may get an opportunity to align with bigger organizations in a food donation program that will help the company to become systemized and institutionalized.

Furthermore, this collaborative effort will allow the company to save resources that can be utilized in some other activities. However, there are some drawbacks to this move as it will make the donors feel neglected as their role will be minimized or shortened. Moreover, the company will also have to carefully manage the implementation of this move as it also contains risks that will make the implementation difficult.

Alternative 2: Addressing the Preferences of Donors

The company has three major requirements or the organizations must be involved in generating funds and acquiring food along with advocacy. Thus, the second suggested alternative is to focus more towards donors and highlight their preferences in order to attract more donors. Besides that, the company can attract more donors by leveragingits image of being national organization and practicing advocacy. This strategy will provide an opportunity to the company to attract more donors and generating funds to support the distribution .Food Banks Canada Case Solution

On the other hand, it will make the acquisition and sharing of food easier for the firm and will develop an individual donor base for the company. However, the company is not completely ready to adopt such strategy as the size of the company is not huge. Besides that, the donors are more likely to support firms with bigger initiatives and size for which the company require ample time to build.....................

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