JEFFERSON COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Question 1:What are the Critical Success Factors (CSF) for the project?


The project of the management of the JCSS was to introduce a new student as well as financial management systems at various educational institutions, which it runs and manages throughout the region. The new system consisted of financial, payroll, fixed assets, warehouse, inventory, registration, scheduling, grading, attendance and several other management supporting systems. There are several critical success factors that can be viewed as indicators of the efficiency and effectiveness of this new system, however the most critical success factors are discussed below.

Centralization of the systems:

The most critical success factor of this newly adopted management system by the school is the centralization of the data of all the students and the management at the schools in order to ensure a complete and comprehensive record of each and every student and the management.This. will enable the management of the school to adopt a centralized business structure and gain efficiency in maintaining records and generating reports at the end of the semester.

Reducing the costs and perfecting the process:

The other critical success factor for the management of the school is to minimize the costs for running and maintaining the management systems at each and every schools as a centralized system would allow the management of the schools to reduce the staff at all the educational institutions who have been hired to maintain and update the programming and systems since it is outsourced. This will also assist in reducing the process of maintaining systems and performing operations like generating reports as the programmers and the teachers will not have to go through each and every department for obtaining results as the information will be centralized and available through a single platform for all.

Question 2: Critique the Project Scope. What was done well? What was missing?


The comprehensive study of the implementation process and the feedback from the several employees at the Central High School and the Roosevelt High School reveal that there were several things that were performed exceptionally during the implementation process however, some of the things were done hastily and a detailed explanation is illustrated below.

Done well:

The installation of the new management systems by DSI (the vendor) was done well at the schools as per the forecasted time and this gave ample time for the management of the schools to prepare the new system before the fall semester. The other thing that was done well as per the plan by the management of the school was the transfer of the demographic data of the students from the older systems of the school......................

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