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The Research is taking on a global health organization, theElectronic Health Records Components. The problem with the research is potential malpracticeliability.There is a loss of much secure patient information data. Inappropriate corrections to the medical records, inaccurate data entry, unauthorized access to patient information. Patient access to information about certain criteria that they may not understand, which might confuse them. Sometimes the Electronic Health Record system is unavailable due to technical problems.

We have to discuss the background of the problem and the reasons for selecting the topic. Also, we recommend some software that helps to reduce the above problems with some risks.

It Acquisitions Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The problem of the research is the loss the patient data, inappropriate correction in the records of patient data. The data entered in the system may not be understood and the reason behind the problems may be the system or software being used in the hospital for the health records may create technical problems or may not work properly.

Generally, the hospitals used the electronic health record system for the security of the data. The electronic health records may create errors because it was not guaranteed that they always work properly. They do not consistently adopt the policies and principles and best practices of electronic health record system. It may create the problem of understanding the system between the developer and the users that have to function it. (Bowman, 2013)


There are many problems in this world but the most major problem faced by humanity is health. The health organizations like hospitals are involved in solving health problems and require patient’s personal information and that data saved in their records system. This information is confidential andthus, the health organizations use different types of electronic health records systems for securing and maintaining patient data. But sometimes organizations fail to secure patient data. Inappropriate additional data is added or may change. Thus, they become confused and have problems at the time of checking the patients. The organization could not perform the system on the basis of policies and could not involve in the best practices. That createsan ethical problem that data is may leak or be used for another purpose. That's why we have selected the problem for research that helps to identify the reasons and solutions related to that problem, which help in the future perspective for health organizations. (Bush, 2016)


Different software are recommended according to research related to the problem which help to minimize or reduce data problems in the health organizations. The software are also creating an impact on the strategic business goals of the health organization. The different Health organization business goals are:

  • High-quality Healthcare.
  • Compassionate customer Services.
  • The financial strength of health organization.
  • Community value.
  • Employee engagement.
  • Ethics and Compliance.

The software helps to reduce the problem with the support of the above business goals.(healthcare, 2017). The software which are recommended for solutions are given below....................

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