International Lobbying and The Dow Chemical Company (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case explores company strategy, business-government relationships, and collective action challenges related to international and national lobbying regarding regulation of the chemical industry. In the autumn of 2006, a five-year legislative procedure for a major new law regulating compounds in the European Union appeared to be nearing its conclusion. REACH , the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and the Restriction of Chemicals, confine the production of hazardous materials, require businesses to submit assessment data on new and present compounds, and would create a fresh European Chemicals Agency.

Andrew Liveris, the CEO of the Dow Chemical Company, needs to decide whether the company should participate in direct conversations with Commission and the European Parliament, with the consequence that the regulations can be influenced by the firm but also would need to support the final result. The case summarizes competitive dynamics in the sector, Dow's history, and regulation of the chemical industry before describing the REACH legislative procedure and various strategies to lobbying.

PUBLICATION DATE: November 12, 2009 PRODUCT #: 710027-PDF-ENG

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International Lobbying and The Dow Chemical Company (A)

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