Green to Gold Business Playbook Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The companies look for eco-advantages strategy as covered in the book. These advantages include identification and reduction of environmental risk not only within the organization, but also in the complete supply chain. This can reduce liabilities, avoid costs and increase speed to cost. The operational cost can be cut down and the efficiency can also be improved by the reduction in the environmental expenses, which includes scraps, waste and fees for disposal.

The revenues can be grown through designing and marketing environmentally superior products that meet customer needs for energy efficiency, improving resource productivity and reducing pollution. By enhancing their brands and strengthening their relationships with customers the intangible value could be created.

The action plan is also the key area discussed in the book. Different approaches can be followed for developing eco-advantage plan. The first approach is that the key environmental issues should be considered and the impact of those issues on the businesses. These issues include waste, air pollution, water pollution, packaging, recycling and availability of the greenhouse gas emissions, chemical, heavy metals, toxins, resource impact and land use. Some companies are involved in the approach of looking beyond the environmental issues such as the wages and benefits of workforce, safety of the workplace, and diversity of workplace, health and poverty.

The second approach is focusing on the different opportunities and risks that are compounded from the environment.These risks and opportunities can be followed to implement the environmental techniques and sustainability of the business. Whereas, the final approach is the one that emphasizes on the issues and impacts, the strategic risk and opportunities which empower the business functions of an enterprise. Though it is suggested in the book that sustainability can help to evaluate day-to-day activities which can be used to reduce the waste and inefficiency and increase the profitability of an organization. These are some of the approaches that can help business to gain eco-advantage. These are some very important points that the authors focused on in their book.

Though this book is a remarkable effort by the authors considering their interest in eco-friendly environment but the authors lacked in little things. The main thing in the implication of sustainability process is that few resources have limits so they provide limited returns if invested on, so these types of resources should have been mentioned by the authors. Moreover, the authors should have also discussed about the disposal of the waste through the safe methods so that should have also been discussed by the author. Likewise, the book is quite formally written and jargons are also used, so it should have been written in a way that everyone could read it. Similarly, it should be also be available in other languages other than English, so more people can obtain benefits from this book. Overall, the book is a piece of excellence from the authors and they should keep writing books like these in future..............................

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