Increasing the ROI of Social Media Marketing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

With the growth of social media, influence consumer preferences and purchasing decisions through social media and word of mouth is becoming more and more important part of every marketer. Companies such as Geico, Dell and eBay adapt the traditional "one-sided" advertising message and use it as a springboard to start a two-way dialogue with consumers through social media. Marketers know that, in theory, social media should be a powerful tool for sustainable, positive word-of-mouth marketing. If marketers can only choose the right social media platforms, to create the right message and the right to engage users to share this message of the campaign to be successful. But until now, it was a big if. The authors suggest seven stages foundation for success in social marketing media campaign. Their structure includes an identification of users of social networks that are not only powerful, but also particularly interested in the product or service category of the company and then hiring and promotion of the influential talk about the company's products or services. The authors describe the implementation of its seven stages in the Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Creations, an upscale ice cream retailer with more than a dozen locations throughout India. Social media campaign Hokey Pokey led to a significant increase in brand awareness, social media profitability and revenue growth for the company. In addition, the authors explain the three new metrics are designed for use in social media marketing campaigns: The effect of customer impact, which measures the impact of social media user has on other users on the network stickiness index, which helps to identify the users of social media, which actively discuss the company's product or service category.; customers and the impact of Value, which helps to measure the monetary gain or loss from the company's social marketing campaigns by taking into account the human impact on the purchase of other customers and prospects "Hide
by V Kumar, Rohan Mirchandani Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 7 pages. Publication Date: October 1, 2012. Prod. #: SMR431-PDF-ENG

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Increasing the ROI of Social Media Marketing

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