Hypercompetition in E-retail: Flipkart.com Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Flipkart, due to intense competition in the e-retail industry, encountered various challenges from its existence. In this growing industry of India, the company had always pursued the tracks of expansion rather than maximizing its profits. The investors, also showed the interest in this particular strategy by providing the funds in five rounds. Many of the local players adopted the strategies of Flipkart, which created a risk for her. Flipkart tackle this competition and risk through the enhancement of its efficiency by developing an efficient supply chain, increasing product mix, and opting for acquisitions.

Flipkart faced a major threat, as Amazon launched into the Indian e-retailing market, because was going to enter with a significant financial strength. Supply Chain investment, Human Resource Management, and technology were the three-pronged strategy used by Flipkart to reduce the threat of this new entrant. On the other hand, investors were still considering about the future potential of Flipkart that whether it would able to compete the Amazon or Amazon will acquire it? The authors, Arpita Agnihotri and Saurabh Bhattacharya, have the association with IBS Hyderabad

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Hypercompetition in E-retail: Flipkart.com

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