Hopax (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Three case series on how the average Taiwanese company applied with 3M competition in world markets. The series covers the 14-year period. The case started in 1994 when 3M decided to start a lawsuit against the companies (including Hopax) sales moved notes that compete with the very successful company 3M Post-It notes in the United States. As Hopax react? In the case explains that, unlike other players, Hopax decides to fight in court. Staples, Hopax largest customer in the United States decides to cancel his contract. What Hopax do now? Case C describes the events that followed until 2008, and explains how the company has applied the principles of "Judo Strategy" to become the second-largest movable celebrated in the world. Series allows students to explore options for the smaller innovative companies as they try to compete in world markets with large, well-resourced, players who do not hesitate to use the courts to try to eliminate their smaller competitors. "Hide
by Jean-Louis Schaan Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 12 pages. Publication Date: March 22, 2010. Prod. #: 910M04-PDF-ENG

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Hopax (A)

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