Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Hindustan Petroleum Corporation is engaged in refining and marketing petroleum products all over India.The company has been operating through downstream petroleum as well as other segments. It offers diesel, petrol, liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, specialties, naphtha lubricants, greases and aviation turbine fuel. It also exports and markets bulk fuels, solvents, bitumen, marine and jet fuel, household insecticides, marine lubes, propylene, hexane, turpentine oil and super kerosene oil. It is also engaged in international trade activities.

In the year 2003, the competitive pressure increased in the controlled markets because of the major changes in the oil industry of India. This in turnallowed the company tofocus on the weaknesses and strengths of the potential and current competitors and channel resources towards one customer segment to another.

The company required major transformations after the control was deregulated by the government policies, thus, this brought in the major private players. Employees had lack of focus on the customers and had public system mentality. Over a longer period of time, the employees of the company hadbecome used to the customers reaching to them, instead of company approaching the customers.

Currently, the company gets involved with its employees through one way communication. The employees are encouraged and empowered for the vision workshop.They are united and collaboratively achieving common goals of the company. The employees have been allowed to participate in the vision workshop series and enhance their communication skills as well. The company prefers to get close to its customers; also the employees have been allowed to participate in the future and current course of the company.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

As the company has intended to achieve change through constructing new strategies, internal communication and cultural vision for the company, these values are shared by the employees. The company has contemplated to make effective strategy in respect to the employee’s empowerment and collaboration towards the goals of the company. It has closed the gap with the company’s employees through practice communication. In the workshop, the employees have been allowed to increase their communication skills and allowed back to forth discussions among the participants of the workshop.

All of the discussed shared values have resulted in exceptional market image of the company.




Well, it can be said, that the company changed a lot in the year 2009.It developed internalprotocols to communicate with each set of employees, and also developed intranetcommunicationsystems through low key technology that allowed the employees to communicate with each other face to face.

In addition to this, during the period, the company also developed strongresilience on its strengths that offered it to improvise its operations and logistics leading to better performanceand intact relationshipwiththecustomers.

It can also be suggested that during the period of 2009, the company emphasized on developinginformal relationship with theupper management.This allowed the managers andthe employees to connect with each other on more personalleveland deduce the communication barriers, leadingtoeffective communication and thus ultimate performance.......................

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