Hilti (B): Reflections And Outlook Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-6-0314 © 2008
Seifert, Ralf W.; Langenberg, Kerstin

This case scenario focuses up on the case Hilti (A): It shows the choice Hilti represents on Hilti´s key learnings, really took in its supply chain realignment job and outlines the succeeding developments of Hilti’s supply chain.

Learning objectives: During the discussion of this case pupils will learn how quantitative and qualitative selection motorists may influence choices in strategic supply chain planning. Moreover, they will learn about typical pitfalls which will occur during a supply chain reorganization job.

Subjects: Assessing options; Implementing supply chain reorganization projects
Settings: Liechtenstein; Construction; 20,000 employees; January 2006

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Hilti (B): Reflections And Outlook

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