Highbridge Capital Management: Building a Sustainable Organization Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2010 Glenn Dubin reflected upon the bearing organization and culture he and co-founder Henry Swieca had infused into Highbridge Capital Management over the course of nearly two decades. Since the company's launch in 1992, New York-based Highbridge had grown to become a diversified investment platform including equity and credit investments, traditional asset management products, and hedge funds with longer- term holding periods. The firm employed more than 315 folks at offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo, and managed $21 billion for dominant institutional investors, public and corporate pension funds, endowments, foundations and family offices. Highbridge was understood by many on Wall Street as a "benchmark," largely as a result of business's investment performance and to the diversity and dynamism of the organization.

Investors had come to rely on the consistent yields and focus of Highbridge to risk management. The company consisted of a group of gifted, dedicated professionals as an effect of Dubin's longtime focus on ability, keeping a powerful managing infrastructure, building technology platform and a sophisticated risk management, and nurturing a culture of cooperation. In 2009, J.P. Morgan completed its purchase of Highbridge-a strategic partnership the two organizations began in 2004 when J.P. Morgan Asset Management purchased a majority interest in the company. In 2010, Dubin described his desirable impact on the increasingly complicated and innovative organization: "I hope that my legacy will be a larger and more diversified Highbridge-but one that's the same customs and core principles of superiority, staffed with people with high ethics and an interest in successful collaboration. This is the only way I am familiar with to ensure that our first goal of creating an organization that can outlive its founders will be realized."


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Highbridge Capital Management: Building a Sustainable Organization

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