Healthy Life Group Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Start-ups, with her father, acquired the exclusive distribution rights to the Canadian Nutrifusion, new health supplement, provided that the servings of fruits and vegetables when added to a variety of foods. They view the launch of Healthy Living Group (HLG), the company markets and distributes Nutrifusion in Canada. They want to assess the financial capacity of the product in the first year of the company ended 31 December 2011. If you look favorable financial and business plan possible, the father and daughter to start a new venture.

This case serves as an introduction to financial analysis and forecast of the financial statements. Students are given the opportunity to assess the food quality and the health industry, the analysis of the proposed allocation strategy, prepare projected income in the first year and loss account and balance sheet, and then make a decision based on the overall analysis. "Hide
by Elizabeth M. Grasby, Ian Dunn Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 7 pages. Publication date: April 18, 2011. Prod. #: W11083-PDF-ENG

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