Healthcare Business is one of the most fundamental professions as compared to others. It requires various excellence and in depth study to grow in the career. There are several causes for the lack of performance of the Healthcare professionals that needs to be overcome. Healthcare administrators should be updated regarding the latest innovations and developments in the healthcare industry for the sake of organizational success.

advanced medical technology case solution

advanced medical technology case solution

 Keywords: Healthcare Business Profession, Performance 

Healthcare Business Profession

            Healthcare business profession is a growing industry sector anywhere in the world due to the rapid increase in the number of patients. The health care industry also refers to as medical industry offers goods and services to facilitate the patients in a significant manner. The healthcare industry includes various sectors and comprises of trained and qualified professionals in different areas as per their specialization. Healthcare industry contributed over 10% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in most of the developed countries, and boost the economy on a consistent basis. Though the term healthcare suggests that it may be a social service provided to the patients, but in the real world, it is one of the growing industry as far as profit maximization is concerned (Hernandez, 2009).

Physicians and doctors usually charged a massive treatment charges to the patients, and it becomes difficult for the patients bear the fees. People who are not able to afford the higher charges prefer to opt a government based hospital. Physicians and doctors generally offered a reasonable compensation by the government to treat the patients in an efficient manner. Nurses at hospital consider as nonmedical employees of the National Health System, they play a key role in the hospital’s performance because they can treat the patients in an efficient manner. If the nurses are not able to treat the patients in a dignified way, then the performance of the hospital will suffer from it. The medical industry is also facilitated by various professions that do not participate in providing health care services directly, but they assist the management to support the healthcare system.

Causes Behind Lack Of Performance In Healthcare Profession

            One of the most challenging tasks for the health care professional is the long term health care policies such as Medicare and Medicaid. Though long term health service problems in the current system exist due to the lack of responsibility of the state. A rapid increase in the variety of diseases is the other cause of lack of knowledge of healthcare business professionals. General problems comprises of diabetes, hypertension, obesity due to unhygienic food. One of the main factors of rising increase in diseases is the change in the taste of the people. People usually prefer to take spicy food and do not prefer vegetarian food, this is also one of the key factors of increase in the number of various diseases (Evans, 1997).

            The other challenge faced by a healthcare professional is, the less efficient nurses in the hospitals, they can play a vital part in order to satisfy inpatients. Healthcare administrators usually satisfy a patient with great care, but when the treatment starts and nurses do not treat them as required, it will create a negative impact on the overall institution. There is a significant increase in the number of population and the need for nurses is also increased, but the nurses are not increasing as per the population which cause a mismanagement within the hospitals.

How Technology Impacts Healthcare Industry

            Higher spending cost is one of the main factors that impacts on the healthcare industry. The creation of new treatment includes long term maintenance of the diseases such as diabetes, sugar and AIDS significantly raise the overall cost of health care. Due to the advancement and innovation in new medical devices and instruments in the health care system, it also increases the cost in the research and development activities of these elements. Advanced surgical instruments and devices to facilitate the surgeons will also cause an increase in the cost. There is no doubt that technical advancement has played a crucial role in the health care industry, but this also added a significant amount of cost associated with the technology (Gahlinger, 2008).

            The use of Health Management Systems uses electronic health records in order to bring database in an efficient manner that has facilitated the doctors and other professionals to access a patient’s information efficiently and effectively. That software also comprises of the huge cost and makes difficult for the small institutions to adopt in the organization. It does not mean that innovation and development in the healthcare industry causing problems to the organization, but it demands heavy capital investment and infrastructure to take the benefit of it.

How Ethical Challenges Impacts Healthcare Industry

                Pharmaceutical organizations usually target doctors, nurses, medical representatives and other professions in order to enhance...............

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