The multichannel challenge at natural in beauty and personal care 

Recommendation   Decision matrix has been used as the criteria to reach at the given recommendation which can be seen in (Appendix 2).After evaluating the key strengths and opportunities of the company, and the alternative presented above; it is recommended that the company should opt for franchising model as it will help the company to […]

The Alibaba Group and Online to Offline (O2o) Sales 

Financial strategy Certainly, the investment opportunities are gateway to the future success.The company should explore and capture the opportunities of investments for long term growth and success of the company. It is imperative to note that the online Chinese industry has been in the developing phase and there is a likelihood that it would be […]

Teuer Furniture 

Comparable Valuation Analysis The parameters or the dimensions on which the companies are being compared are listed below; Total assets Cash flow from Assets Sales growth Asset Price/Cash flow assets Asset price/adjusted net income Asset price/sales Equity price/net income On the basis of the total assets held by the companies, it is being evaluatedthat the […]

Berkshire Partners (BP) 

How much cash will Carters generate in the next 5 years 2002-06 based on management estimates? The present value of cash flow for next five years based on the management assumptions is $1764. Working is shown in the exhibits below. How realistic are management forecast in light of Carters historic performance? After analyzing the case […]

Stata Assignment 

Exhibit 3             predictyhat (optionxb assumed; fitted values)   . regressyhat first12_gas   Source |       SS       df       MS              Number of obs =   92255 ————-+——————————           F(  1, 92253) =55845.04 Model |  3.8448e+15     1  3.8448e+15           Prob> F      =  0.0000 Residual |  6.3514e+15 92253  6.8848e+10           R-squared     =  0.3771 ————-+——————————           Adj R-squared =  0.3771 Total |  1.0196e+16 92254  1.1052e+11           […]