Economic Principles and Decision Making 

INTRODUCTION DECISION MAKING USING ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES This report will discuss the solutions of corporate problems using economical and statistical tools. Incorporating economic theories in taking corporate decision is actually a field of management sciences called Managerial Economics or Business Economics. It actually deals with the implications of micro economic theories to reach out the viable […]

Touchdown Footwear on a Slippery Slope 

Introduction This dissertation is heavily based on the governance and professionalization challenges being faced by the mid-sized family ownedfootwear manufacturing company, which was set in the southernIndiancity of Mangalore in 1965 by the collaboration of 3 brothers;Ganesh Pai, Ramnath and Krishna. They had contemplated to run the rubber trading business which was inheritedby their father. […]

Tax Competetion Versus Tax Harmonization 

INTRODUCTION When different states of the world offer lower tax rates to induce international investment then tax competition occurs.The term tax competition is generally interpreted as the tax competition in corporationswhich may involve income taxes of general employees or labors. Since the lastdecade, tax competition has boosted up as international companies are now able to […]

Stuyvesant Town–Peter Cooper Village: America’s Largest Foreclosure 

Introduction The founder of Pershing Square, William Ackman has been contemplating to invest in real estate.He has decided to explore the new opportunity and acquire Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village (“ST /PCV”). The owner of the property has abandoned itand it has now come under the CW capital control. It might be a risky […]

Sexual Harrasment 

Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment is basically the misconduct of the behavior in the workplace under settings that violate the privacy and personal comfort of anindividual.It affectsthe job performancewhich leads to intimidating or offensive behaviorof the employees, making the organizational culture weak and discomforting. According to Federal Body, the sexual harassment is the unwelcomed behavior of […]