HABIT HACKING Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Habit Hacking Plan

New Routine

The new desired habit I wanted to develop is to be more organized, be a constant learner and with the help of these habits I am aiming to be a leader. I wanted to develop a more focused behavior while working and giving less importance to other unrelated activities going around like using social media and mobile phone. I tried to keep my phone on silent while working so I thought I should not get distracted easily and also after checking the notifications and using social media for 10-15 minutes I tried to log out and don’t plan on logging in unless the task assigned is complete. Tried to give full concentration to the work assigned and aimed at finishing it on time.


I planned on talking less and focusing more on work assigned to improve my productivity. The actions that I planned on minimizing included less use of social media and mobile phone, keeping the TV at low volume or mostly switched off, taking few coffee breaks in the working hours to avoid useless discussions and try to engage in discussions related to work.


The rewards that I was aiming to achieve by changing the habits include good productivity, appreciation from the boss and learning new ideas regarding work. All these rewards are the ones missing because of the past habit or behaviors. These rewards seem longer to come, so through the habit hacking worksheet I practice the newly developed habits on a regular basis to increase the chances of gaining these rewards bit earlier than expected.

Behavioral Techniques

Using the socializing habit hack technique I was able to keep my focus and commitment in the habit I want to adopt. By constantly sharing ideas over Facebook and with friends I was able to recall the idea again and again and also gain some valuable guidance from friends and other people as well to use improved methods in hacking the habit.

Posting statuses on Facebook about the things that I did today and what I gained from those things helped me in getting appreciation from my friends and other people over Facebook and the encouragement that was needed to develop the motivation to move forward with the action plan and take further steps was provided through social media and through my social circle.

Support Group

Support group gave me valuable information on the ways that proved helpful in hacking the habit. For example, for listening to the experience of those people who were more focused while working shared their views about using social media as a tool to feel relaxed rather than using it as a distraction.

Most people who were extroverts and also professionally successful shared their views in the support group which gave me relevant information about how to minimize the current habits and what barriers will be faced by me in adopting the changes required. How helpful will be the changes in the goal I want to achieve.


The change implementation plan helped immensely in avoiding the distraction faced before and allowing me to become more focused. Avoiding the use of social media more often at work place helped me a lot in hacking the new habit. Adopting the new habit was very difficult to start as avoiding things one is habitual of doing on a daily basis is very difficult, but determination was there as I was aiming towards achieving a goal, so the reward after hacking, the new habit was very attractive that leads me to draw more concentration and determination and using the worksheet plan helped a lot in implementing the plan.

 The challenges that I faced were also very important to address like gaining focus in a start, avoiding talking to people and getting rid of things that were, usually, on top of the mind. The plan I choose needed modification as I increased my caffeine intake for a time being but in limited quantity also talked to two to three friends on a daily basis to get to know the happenings that are going around and using social media mostly to check notifications and avoid using the chat option. I kept on checking my phone after every two hours to respond to received texts and got back to my work again.....................................

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