The most appealing recruiting approach used was the algorithm system data analysis of Mitsubishi as it helped attracting employees most suitable for the position. They were being considered and had more chance than they will succeed in their role and build image of the company in the market. In this way, the organization has succeeded in two ways. The first is hiring of the best applicants according to their needs, and second, by stopping the best talents from going to the competitors.

Question 2

Fukuhara, CEO and founder of IGS (Institution of a global society) developed an automated solution “GROW” to recruit and analyze employees. It uses artificial intelligence, learning algorithms to evaluate the assessment data from the evaluators and candidates. Instead of using human intuition to assess candidates, GROW relies on Big data in order to develop objective, scientific and for continuously improving engine to screen, recruit and develop human capital.

It is clear that the companies are looking for a perfect fit for the organization and for the position they are recruiting without going through 1000 CVs. To counter this issue, companies have opted for data driven tools to make sure that the candidates that are being considered are not only a great fit in terms of skill but are also suitable at a more fundamental level.

The industry recruitment process has drastically shifted from niche requirement methods to data driven recruitment process. The big companies have shifted their entire focus on the tools for hiring that are data driven in order to hire suitable employees to be a part of their organization and to better understand those employees that are already a part of their organization.

Fukuhara is now considering using the most advance approach of artificial intelligence engine to allow GROW not only to recommend clients about who should they include on board, but to provide them information on what competencies they should be looking in an ideal hire.

The advancement in the artificial intelligence engine will further shape up the recruitment process and will enable to correctly identify the skill gap that the company has, and will help in filling those gaps by hiring the suitable employees. As talent analytics are becoming extremely important while hiring, big data will help serving this growing need by providing pre-hiring assessment and sourcing tools for the requirement.

This addition of tools for assessment will help in reducing the volume of candidates for a particular given role and will improve the overall quality of the candidates being recruited and there is no doubt that this tool will become an important part of the recruitment process for all types of business.

Firms around the world have begun to realize the importance and benefits of having the data of previously hired employees based on their performance and their attributes to easily identify candidates having a broader view of their talents and will help in finding more accurate candidates that will have more chance of succeeding in the role they have been appointed for.

Each recruiting process creates a great amount of data, but is not stored or created with an aim for future referencing. So, when companies are hiring new candidates, they post for the required position, source candidates. The candidates go through different screening interviews and end up picking one, in order to fill the position. Every time when the company runs this process of recruitment they go through the entire process from the vey scratch, losing their valuable time and information.

Each time the companies struggle to get their message delivered to the appropriate candidate. Artificial intelligence engine, advance part to be included in GROW will minimize the hectic job of hiring the right candidate by efficiently utilizing the previous collected data of the employees. The data based on the performance and attributes of previous employees will be compared and will help the companies in designing better job postings. This will help in differentiating and providing clients with those specifications that are appropriate for the position and the key competencies to be looked for while targeting the ideal candidates for their organization.


GROW, developed by the institution for global society has been using artificial intelligence learning algorithm in the process of assessing candidates for the organization and helping them in identifying their key strengths and weaknesses. Recently, Fukuhara was considering to turn on the most advance part of artificial intelligence that will allow GROW to provide not only the recommendations about the candidate but will help the organization by providing them with the list of key competencies they should look with the help of utilizing the data of previous employees based on their performance and attributes.

Three companies were considered to identify their approaches for recruiting and incorporating people analytics for talent development. Among the three companies Nippon Airways, Mitsubishi and Septeni Holdings are using data driven, systematic data analysis and digital recruiting approach respectively. The most appealing approach for talent acquisition and development is the approach used by Mitsubishi i.e. algorithms data analysis in which the company can run algorithms on those candidates registered in the application data base of the company. It will help in identifying high performance employees............


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