Goodjobz: Challenges in Creating a Giver Culture Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The main source of funding for GoodJobz, an NGO, was the re-selling of goods through its retail stores that was donated by individuals. The company had been offering its services in job training and education initiatives and had trained more than 11,000 individuals in the year 2012 with an objective to double this number in the next five years. The vice-president of marketing and community development felt a need to develop a “giver” culture in the institute in order to accomplish this objective.

He successfully managed to promote and implement this culture in his own department and later on he switched his efforts towards other department: Business Services. But his counterpart at Business Services department resist this change into his department. The marketing vice-president had to devise such strategies that could overcome this resistance. The author, Atul Teckchandani, has the association with California State University.

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Goodjobz: Challenges in Creating a Giver Culture

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