Global Strategic Management Hard Rock Café Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Marketing Strategy

            Marketing plan of Hard Rock Café encompasses on various marketing activities. The corporation has successfully implemented unrelated diversification and product development strategies in their UK and Seoul business respectively to gain competitive advantage. Hard Rock Café offers services in various divisions such as casinos, fast food chains and music café which follow “unrelated diversification”. The company also believes that “product development” is the best practice in the region to strengthen the customer base; they have decided to launch lobsters rather than hamburgers as per the demands and tastes of the consumers (Kerin, 2012).

Marketing Objectives

            Hard Rock Café marketing objectives encompass Gen Y and Gen X consumers in both the regions i.e. England and Seoul. Though, the focus on Hard Rock is more on Gen Y consumers as compared to Gen X consumers because they are the next generation audience for Hard Rock.

Gen Y consumers. Gen Y consumers consist of age group between the tenure 1970’s to 2000. Hard Rock Café attracted the Gen Y consumers via live concerts to promote and providing opportunities to the youth to make their holidays and leisure time enjoyable and memorable. They make the concerts appealing to the younger crowd by organizing Hard Rock Brands.

Gen X consumers. Gen X consumers are the people whose age group lies before 1970’s. These are the aged people and usually needs more attention from the companies. This age group is very conscious and has specific buying behavior and preferences. In England, Hard Rock Café has a strong brand image that facilitates a lot in order to retain their Gen X consumers. They have developed and effectively organized all their inclusive resorts and casinos in order to attract Gen X consumers (Moncrieff, 2011). They have also launched and implemented “All Access Program” to endorse repeat buying and brand loyalty in order to gain market share and keep maintaining competitive advantage over other players in the industry. Hard Rock Café also uses push merchandize activity and spends enormously on marketing and promotion activities to attract Gen X consumers in England. Hard Rock Café efficiently provides fast food services in England and effectively manages their retail store operations. Hard Rock Café successfully operates in various regions at global level by utilizing their brand loyally (Hill, 2012).

Hard Rock Value Added Customer Promotion Activity

Hard Rock Café always considers the customers as an asset and offers various schemes and activities to attract the customers. They offer two unique programs, i.e. All Access Card and Pin Club card. The more the transactions, the more benefit it will be to the customers (Dev, 2005). This has been a popular tool to attract customers because the more you come to the café the more you get to save along with healthy food and soothing ambience.
Integrated Marketing Communications

            Hard Rock Café uses various marketing and advertising activities to attract the customers in the UK. They also effectively utilize social media as per the current market trend and industry requirement. Some of the advertising sources are as follows:

  • Billboards
  • Online Advertisements
  • Brochures

Billboards. All the billboards are positioned near highways, posh areas and busy places. They facilitate Hard Rock Café effectively because people see them throughout the week. Billboards are also located near five star hotels that also contribute a lot in the success and sales of the Hard Rock Café.

Online Advertisement. Hard Rock Café is effectively utilizing the impact of social media in their business in the UK. Online advertisement adds to the enormous amount of users for Hard Rock Café especially the young generation is attracted this way where they see various promotional schemes and advertisement over the internet where Hard Rock Café offers discounts too.

Brochures. Hard Rock Café also print brochures to communicate the positive message regarding their products and services to the customers. They promote their casinos, music cafes and fast food chains with the help of brochures (Hillwood, 2001). This has been the effective tool for Hard Rock Café to promote in universities and schools.

Market Brands in the Global Marketplace

Hard Rock Café has been one of the largest Café in the international market. Along with this, it is present in more than 50 countries worldwide. The eagerness to enter into diverse cultural backgrounds has transformed the company grow and expand globally. To market the brand in the international market, Hard Rock Café has brought in the concept of experience economy in its operations.............................

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