General Electric (GE) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

General Electric (GE)

Overview of the company:


General Electric Company is multinational conglomerate corporation. The company was founded in nineteenth century in United States of America. General Electric Company is incorporated and ii headquartered in the New York City. According to the 2015 year, the General Electric Company is operating through following segments in the its industry: Appliances, Power and Water, Oil and Gas, Energy Management, Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation and Capital which cater to the needs of Home Appliances, Financial services, Medical device, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Software Development and Engineering industries. ((GE.N), n.d)
The General Electric Company has expending its business since its formation and the company has become large group with significant number of subsidiaries, Joint Venture and Partnerships. Following are major subsidiaries of the General Electric Company:

• GE Aviation
• GE Capital
• GE Global Research
• GE Health Care
• GE Home and Business Solutions
• GE Oil and Gas
• GE Water and Power
• GE Transportation


General Electric Company was ranked as the 26th largest organisation, by gross revenue in the United States by the Fortune 500 and with respect to the profitability General Electric Company is the 14th most profitable company in United States of America. On the other hand General Electric Company was listed among Forbes Global 2000 as the fourth largest organisation in the world.


The formation of General Electric Company was carried out by great scientist Thomas Edison in 1889. On October 21, 1879, Edison invents the first commercially practicable incandescent lamp. The Carbon filament lamp successfully completes a forty hour duration test. This invention impacted significantly on the daily lives of people. (Electric, n.d)

In 1879 Edison and his team start to develop first dynamos, a device which convert the mechanical energy to electrical energy the machine was capable of powering neighbourhood with lightning systems. In 1882, Edison starts the power generation business through forming the Edison Electric company and constructing America’s first central power station in the New York City.

The General Electric Company was born in 1892, by the merger of the Edison Electric Company with Thomson Houston Company, which was another prominent company operating in the manufacturing of electric lights and dynamos.

In 1900 General Electric Company employed its first laboratory in the U.S. devoted entirely to the scientific research. This three person laboratory is located in Schenectady, NY. This laboratory underscores General Electric Company’s firm belief that if scientific research is conducted for its own sake, important practical applications of the scientific discoveries will necessarily follow.

In 1902, the new invention of General Electric Company was electrical fan. This invention was carried out by James Wood, Consulting Engineer at General Electric Company. This invention converts the electric power into ventilation.
SWOT analysis of the company:


Global Recognition:

General Electric Company’s brand is recognised in all over the world due to its quality and innovative products. General Electric Company is operating in all sub continents having high level of local market share. The company has developed its brand recognition efficiently in every industry and sector it is operating........................

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