Free Email: Google MSN Hotmail and Yahoo (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In April 2004, Google-the world's leading search engines, sent shock waves through the popular press, when it announced Gmail, a free email service boasts one gigabyte of memory. At the time, two market leaders MSN Hotmail and Yahoo! have been providing web-mail service for seven years and have been offering two megabytes and four megabytes of free space, respectively. The new service has prompted praise and criticism, the latter associated with Google plans to scan e-mail to offer targeted advertising along the side of each post. Case provides an opportunity to discuss the competitive interactions in very difficult conditions. "Hide
by Matthias Hild, Jordan Mitchell Source: Darden School of Business 14 pages. Publication Date: November 11, 2004. Prod. #: UV3881-PDF-ENG

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Free Email: Google MSN Hotmail and Yahoo (A)

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