Five Guys: Developing A Promotional Strategy For The Future Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Five Guys: Developing A Promotional Strategy For The Future Case Study Analysis

Supporting Evidences:

The online marketing strategies have been suggested as websites and apps creates awareness of the brand and enables the organization to make a sale. Furthermore, the major segment of the organization includes millennial who spends a significant amount of time in social media and mobile technology. Furthermore, according to information from Marketing to Millennial, 35 percent of the mentioned segment looks for restaurants with affordable rates.  Therefore, offering loyalty programs, discounts and coupons will increase the customer base of the organization as they will be encouraged to try the food if they are offered a free purchase and discount.

Moreover, the proposed marketing strategy is supported by the evidence that the revenue of Chipotle, a major competitor of the organization increased by 10 percent in the year 2019 as a result of result of rise of 99 percent in the digital sales i.e. Mobile and technology advancements in order to make the product more accessible to consumers (fastcasual, 2020). It is suggested to invite food bloggers to the restaurant who have strong following as even one write up or recommendation by the blogger can have a huge influence on restaurant.

Furthermore, Yelp enjoys significant power in the restaurant industry and registering on the yelp platform will enable the customers to evaluate the location, menu, price range and other facilities offered by the organization. Establishing a digital personality is essential in an era of modern technology and social media influence which is supported by the fact that 89 percent of consumers search the restaurant online before dining out. (wordstream, 2020)

Implementation Plan:

A detailed marketing and implementation plan for the suggested marketing strategies is provided in Appendix 1 and 2 of the case report..................................


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