Fiat: Open Innovation in a Downturn (1993-2003) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A key part of the recent resurgence of Fiat is superiority it clean, fuel-efficient engine technology, which were mainly developed in the 1990s, Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF), a company Fiat Group, responsible for R & D and technology development. In the early 1990s, when the Italian automaker is going through troubled times (along with many other players in the automotive industry), CEO Gian Carlo Michellone radically turned CRF organization and innovation strategy, adoption and development of a strategic approach to innovation, which resembles that will known as the open innovation paradigm. This revolution has allowed Fiat Group maintain their "innovation engine" works, despite the heavy decline in the industry. CRF It shows how open innovation can protect the innovative capacity of the company from the risk of severe rationalization of resources in times of crisis, and providing a starting point for the replication of innovative capacity once the crisis is over. Efforts to streamline the adoption of open innovation should be focused on a number of aspects of the organization of the company, ie, structures, organizational roles, systems, planning and control and performance management, corporate values, as well as individual competencies and attitudes. role of senior management executive to promote the successful implementation of open innovation is critical, especially in difficult economic times. "Hide
by Alberto Di Minin, Federico Frattini, Andrea Piccaluga Source: California Management Review 29 pages. Publication Date: May 1, 2010. Prod . #: CMR461-PDF-ENG

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Fiat: Open Innovation in a Downturn (1993-2003)

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