Fears and Realities: Managing Ebola in Dallas Epilogue Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Instance number KS1160 is accompanied by this epilogue. In September 2014, as several West African states continued to combat a fatal outbreak of the Ebola virus, Dallas, Texas emerged as ground zero for the ailment in the U.S. This case recounts how, over the course of three days, Thomas Eric Duncan, who had lately landed at Dallas Airport from a flight that started from Liberia, where there was big Ebola epidemic; Dun can got himself admitted Presbyterian Hospital in the city, that too not once, but twice while showing signs of illness. Having sent him home after his first visit, he was admitted by the hospital after his second; and with his symptoms worsening rapidly, evaluations soon showed everyone's worst fears, Duncan’s diagnosis showed that he was suffering from Ebola virus. This series "Fears and Realities" talks about how public health bodies across USA, alongside elected officials and hospital administrators, reacted to this despairing news - an extremely difficult task made all the more challenging by confusion over Duncan's background and travel history, and, eventually, by the extreme support shown for him by Americans and the press.

With three confirmed cases of the disorder in Dallas - each patient with their own network of contacts - authorities scrambled to figure out a means to bring the crisis to a conclusion before more people were exposed to the highly virulent disease and to comprehend what was occurring. Case number KS1161.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Fears and Realities: Managing Ebola in Dallas Epilogue

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