FC Barcelona: The Cesc Febregas Saga Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The issue that is apparent in the case is that FC Barcelona has acquired the services of Cesc Febregas from Arsenal on a transfer worth 39 million pounds. However, the club has leveraged unethical means for the compliance of this transfer out of which the most apparent is tapping-up. The club has forced this transfer against the rules of FIFA and is also of the view that the club has used no unethical methods to accomplish this transfer.

The case presents two different opinions from two different stakeholders and the question arises that what ethical breaches have been made in this case and what are the options that are available in this regard that can prevent other big clubs from doing such activities in the future. The paper will examine all the options that are relevant to the issue and will ensure the provision of ethical considerations in the future with regards to transfer of players.

Furthermore, the issue that is also present is that the acquiring of Cesc Febregas is according to the code of ethics of the club which is also questionable. The club emphasizes on moral values and the code of ethics insists that the use of unethical practices is strictly prohibited by any member associated with the club. However, the club has not been following this code of ethics and has also breached the stated rules in the book.

Ethical Considerations

 This section will analyze the ethical consideration that is essential to address with regards to this case in order to formulate possible options to resolve the issues and also to identify the ethical intensity of the issue.

Since Cesc Febregas was involved in a contract with Arsenal, which is why tapping-up a player is against the rules of FIFA, the governing body of football. It is apparent from the case that FC Barcelona has been involved in a deal which is supported by unethical practices and is also breaching the rules of FIFA. Therefore the first ethical consideration is the breach of rules by the club.

Secondly, the club has utilized its players and other members in the management to go outspoken in the media about the possible transfer and provoking the player to join the club. It is referred as tapping-up which means that a club is forcing a player to join the club or is making an effort an effort to bring a player into the club when he is already in contact with any other club. Therefore the club FC Barcelona has been involved in practicing unethically and has also involved its players and other members as well in completing this unethical task.

Furthermore, the club has a set of ethics that is regarded as code of ethics which exhibits the details that the club has set for its players and everyone associated with the club which are supposed to be followed by everyone. However, the club has formally ignored the code of ethics and has been involved in a deal that is unethical from the start and has also utilized various players and members of management to support this unethical cause.

Therefore, this practice of the club is neither ethical nor it follows the moral and ethical values defined in the code of ethics of the club. All these ethical considerations further explains some important issues that will be discussed in the next section of the paper or will be clearly defined in the situational analysis section.

FC Barcelona The Cesc Febregas Saga Case Soltion

 Situational Analysis

The current scenario indicates the FC Barcelona, a major giants in European football with strong financial back up has acquired Cesc Febregas that has grown in their Academy form Arsenal. However, the club has not just utilized unethical methods to make this transfer possible, but is also involved in illegal practices as well. Thus the implication of such activities has further demolished consequences.

The club offered 40 million pounds to Arsenal in order to acquire the services of Cesc Febregas in the year 2011 but the offer was rejected by Arsenal and the club clearly stated that the player is not for sales. However, Barcelona was very determined to have Febregas on board which is why the club increased the pressure not just for the team, but also on the player as well leveraging many unethical and illegal methods.................

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