Estee Lauder and the Market for Prestige Cosmetics Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Opens with a brief history of the American cosmetics market and its rapid development in the 1920s. Also describes Lauder initial involvement in the sector, which makes products for skin care and sell them in the beauty salons of Manhattan during the Great Depression. Pays special attention to the period after the Second World War, when the common socio-economic shifts change women opportunities - perception and materials. For Lauder, such changes are significant business opportunities. Offers students analyze how the entrepreneur used these opportunities by creating high-quality products, strong brand, and the best brand in its organization. Closes with a discussion of other brands that Lauder and her colleagues have created, the ones that he bought in the 1990s, as well as the importance of specific organizational capacity to ensure sustainable market leadership in a global, highly competitive market of prestige beauty products. "Hide
by Nancy F. Koehn Source: Harvard Business School 44 pages. Publication Date: February 7, 2001. Prod. #: Eight hundred and one thousand three hundred sixty-two-PDF-ENG

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Estee Lauder and the Market for Prestige Cosmetics

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