Eric Weston Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Keeping the doors open or facing insolvency, Eric Weston evaluates his ongoing survival in the retail garden supply business he's owned for seven years. Eric Weston is struggling to keep his garden supply business alive. Revenues are up slightly from this past year but profits are down in a poor market as he attempts to incorporate an expensive recent purchase. The agreement he struck with old owner limits a number of his options and the banker has turned over the loan to the workout division.

He feels that his suppliers will willingly work with him and his workers depend on him for their support. He's made personal guarantees to the bank, loan payments to the old owner are about to come due and Weston is faced with some unanticipated expenses. The business's cash position is extremely tight and as he considers the activities to take to prevent failing in his fantasy to possess his own business he is made to evaluate the liquidation value of the company. This case scenario is a rewritten version of a preceding case 899-212, updating the dates and fiscal data to 2012 timeframe.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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