EMS In Warm Zone Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Emergency medical service refers to providing medical support to the victims of an unwelcomed event occurred naturally or by a terrorist organization or by any anti-social element with the objective to create chaos. The EMS team is responsible for providing on-site treatment to victims, and transfer them to hospital if necessary. The life of the EMS team is also on threat due to its direct exposure to the terrorists or natural disasters. There are three types of zone; cold zone, warm zone, and hot zone.

The cold zone is very active and safe and could be used for law enforcement planning, and medical treatment. The warm zone refers to the area of incident where indirect threat exists, and it is away from direct exposure to risk or threat of attack. The third zone is hot zone that is direct threat to surrounding people, and victims in that area are exposed to more risk. And, there are high chances that if the emergency team approach victims in hot zone they would also get injured.

Similarly, the emergency medical services, and law enforcement agencies approach to the site of incident approximately within 10 minutes of incident.EMS teams are not allowed to enter into an area until and unless law enforcement agencies declare it safe and secure. The real challenge for EMS is that what should be their action in situation when some area is declared as warm zone due to the movement of the attackers from one area to another.

EMS In Warm Zone Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

So, what are the potential ways to overcome these challenges and issues encountered during the incident? The major problem is that should EMS team be allowed to warm zone to perform first aid and conduct treatment of the victims, and take them to the hospitals when necessary. But, the law enforcement agencyes ignore the EMS teams, and do not permit them to enter at the site of incident thus preventing from carrying out their duties. So, allowing them to warm zone would be commendable or useless depends on the factors and elements that would lead to successful operation at warm zone.

Statement of Problem
What are the factors and elements that should be considered important before sending teams to the warm zone?

Research Questions
What is the role of law enforcement, EMS, and firefighter team?
What is the importance of EMS team on the site of incident?
What would be the impacts of allowing EMS to warm zone?
What are the success factors, and elements that help?
Is EMS team dependent on law enforcement?
What could be the potential outcomes of sending EMS team to warm zone?
What would be the consequences of sending the team late until the law enforcement declares site safe?
Should team be sent to warm zone?
What are the theories and tactical strategies that influence to enter into danger zone or warm zone? Are they correct and should they be implemented?
Research Objectives
To understand the relationship between the law enforcement and EMS team?
To identifying the factors that are crucial for the team to enter in warm zone?..........

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