El Centro de la Raza Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

El Centro de la Raza

Discussion Questions

Question 1

The significant stakeholders in the decision to open up “problem pregnancies” center are three stakeholders namely Catalina Hernandez, Julia Montero, and Marta Turner. The three stakeholders will be affected if their proposed idea of opening a problem pregnancy center does not materialize because as the case states, the three of them have been quite influential in the decision making of the community center and  are viewed by people as those who do not raise points unless they have solutions for it. Others who may get affected with this new social service at El Centro are the other three stakeholders who were not present in the meeting. They may show reservation that once the community center starts, the problem pregnancy center they may shift their focus from the current services that are being offered at the center; hence this will affect the credibility and social services of the non-profit organization.

Question 2

The mission statement of the non-profit organization, El Centro de la Raza “is a community center that seeks out and serves the needs of the Hispanic community, particularly those families and individuals whose needs are greatest". The proposed new program by the three stakeholders is quite in line with the current mission statement of the services provided by the community centre. The proposed plan to establish a center for "problem pregnancies," is based on the increasing number of teenage girls who are becoming pregnant in the society; therefore the organization needs to look into this issue and resolve it somehow.

Question 3

The case states a similar “Free Pregnancy Center” which was started in San Francisco which offered services to teenage girls in order to avoid abortions as it is a crime to kill God’s child. But the court ruled that such centers only provide anti-abortion views and they only deceive the public regarding abortions and children’s killings. However in spite of this situation, it is still a feasible option for El Centro's program mix to offer problem pregnancy center because eventually it is the responsibility of the community and such organizations to aware the girls about the complexity of abortions not only for the child but for them also. Therefore, abortion program should be started within the El Centro's program mix to overcome the increasing percentage of pregnant teenage girls. The pregnancy rate in the city is increasing at an alarming rate; therefore it is essential for  Rosa Montes, executive director of El Centro de la Raza to add a problem pregnancy center in El Centro's program mix.

Question 4

The potential marketing advantages for El Centro if it establishes problem pregnancy center under the El Centro "umbrella" will give the community center the advantage of having the support of their current stakeholders who are actually quite keen to overcome the issue of pregnancy among teenagers and in fact resolve it. The case also states that the three major stakeholders had different arrangements to promote the plan. For example if they keep pregnancy problems under the umbrella of El Centro, then the community will have the support of the editor of Yellow Pages and in the local newspapers because of the already developed strong brand image of El Centro where people admire the work and its progress under the community services offered at El Centro, it will therefore easily advertise the new plan under the community services. However, the disadvantage of making it lie under El Centro umbrella is that it will increase the expenses for the non-profit organization while advertising the new plan; where they will be charging no amount or very less amount from pregnant teenage girls to educate and negate them from aborting child.

The advantage of marketing “problem pregnancy center” as a separate entity to El Centro will provide the opportunity to pursue it at different levels with various marketing tactic and awareness programs across the area. Rosa Montes, the executive director of  El Centro can develop a separate team of volunteers who can educate and show videos to young female teenagers suffering with pregnancy problems. However, the disadvantage of promoting “problem pregnancy center” as a separate entity will make it difficult for the community center to attract a lot of teenagers because of the incredibility of the services. Along with this, the expenses of marketing will then be separately looked after; therefore generating funds to promote this plan will be a difficult task for the community center.

Question 5

If El Centro decides to overcome the problem of teenage pregnancies, then the alternative solutions presented to the community center are as follows:

Sex Education Can Help Prevent Teenage Pregnancy:

El Centro can conduct seminars and program sessions on educating young teenage girls about sex education and the issues and dilemmas of teen pregnancy. These programs and seminars can be conducted by the community center during winter and spring holidays where parents can send their children to attend the seminars and make them aware before something wrong happens. In fact, it can be a precautionary measure on part of .....................................

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