Hollinger And The Downfall Of Conrad Black Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2145 © 2011
Hamilton, Stewart; Alicia Micklethwait

On Friday, 13 July 2007, releasing tycoon, Lord Black of Crossharbour stood in a Chicago court house, together with 3 associates from Hollinger International Inc. (HII), to hear the jurors' decision in their five-month trial. Persuaded of his innocence, Lord Black looked on stony-faced as the decision was revealed: guilty of scams and of blocking justice.

This case informs the story of Conrad Black's increase to power, wealth, and popularity as a media magnate and eventually his downfall. It offers an in-depth account of how Black constructed the 3rd biggest international media empire and the occasions that cause his conviction on charges of scams. Knowing goals: Analyze and talk about a questionable case of business scams and corruption.

Subjects: Corporate governance; Boards; Acquisitions; Management fees; Compensation; Non-compete payments; Accounting; Fraud; Greed
Settings: Canada; UK; US ; Newspaper; Publishing; Media ; 2002 Sales USD 1,05 billion ; 1969-2007

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Hollinger And The Downfall Of Conrad Black

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