Dreyers Grand Ice Cream (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In June 1998, a group of senior managers in the Great Ice Cream Dreyer faced a number of internal and external difficulties, which were one of the most difficult problems the company has never faced. Problems include issues of profitability, record high price of milk fat, aggressive discounting competitors, higher margins better-for-you segment collapse, rupture distribution contract Ben & Jerry, and health management issues. With mandatory and necessary financial restructuring of the company, senior management faced some difficult questions of the employee and the need to make very important decisions to overcome the hard times. "Hide
by Glenn R. Carroll, Jennifer Chatman, Victoria Chang Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 25 pages. Publication Date: 08 January 2001. Prod. #: OB35A-PDF-ENG

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Dreyers Grand Ice Cream (A)

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