Dragon Soup and Earnings Management (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

(A) the case, Jason Phillips, the chief financial officer of the company for the production of soups, the goal of maximizing the value of the company within twelve months after the business is established. Although he does not want to break any rules, Jason is interested whether the election of accounting and real action can be used to improve the financial situation of the company and increase its perceived value to investors. Case allows him to choose from a menu of options, including decisions on the cost of production, inventories, receivables, leasing or buying a new car and the evaluation or sale of securities. These elections are served in the spreadsheet Excel, which regulates financial projections and accounting disclosure respectively. In (B) case, Ben Kerr, chief investment officer at one of the main competitors Dragon believes that the financial statements is a dragon to unravel any behavior, earnings management and to establish the true value of the company. Although the matter may be referred to the consideration of the effects of real solutions, richer discussion is obtained by considering the ethical decision making process corners. In particular, as far as earnings guidance should be continued and what types of behavior will simply be solved investors? "Hide
by Craig J Chapman Source: Kellogg School of management, Northwestern Univ. 5 pages. Publication Date: October 31, 2011. Prod. #: KEL575-PDF-ENG

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Dragon Soup and Earnings Management (B)

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