Dr. Mak Lap Ming Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Dr. Mack Lap Ming, an obstetrician-gynecologist who operated two clinics in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, pondering retirement. Now that his own child is financially independent and thus relieved some pressure on the Mac, he was wondering if he should retire soon and if it made financial sense for him. He also asked what the immediate consequences of retirement would be, and if semi-retirement was a viable option. To this end, he could work with partners and change management, a partner at some point, he could work at his clinic part-time, or he could completely close one clinic and practice of the other one. Mack also thinking about retirement at the end of the year completely. Evaluation of its options brought Mak significant internal conflict: part of him wanted to achieve freedom of movement, but he felt a great emotional satisfaction when he took part in the birth and saw the joy that gave birth parents. Mak asked whether, in his case, the pros outweigh the cons of retirement. "Hide
by John S. Haywood-Farmer, Josephine Chiu Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 15 pages. Publication Date: January 18, 2012. Prod. #: W11606-PDF-ENG

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