Double Troil Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Double Troil Case Study Solution

The case illustrates the event of lethal deaths and reactions cases, in the ledger of the New England Compounding Centre (NECC), a pharmaceutical company situated in Boston, Massachusetts and started as the family business by husband and wife and later joined by two other family members .NECC has been established as a compounding pharmaceutical company that offers the drugs for particular specifications of the patient.Over the period of time, it grew and expanded with many small private businesses, all in pharmaceutical industry.

Ameri dose, another sister company of NECC, offered pre filled syringes and large VATs of medication into smaller intravenous bags. It also prepared medications and syringes for patient with specific needs.

Since the idea of the business remain quite wise and useful, the company faced enormous and aggressive growth in sales, unable to cope with the sales along with maintaining the quality and sanitization standards, it compromised the quality and procedures to produce the medicines, leading to the supply of lethal medications in the market, containing improper proposition on chemicals, leading the patients to death. Under such circumstances with the allegation of 751 effected people and 65 deaths, NECC is being investigated by the law and found to be comprising on health standards, the investigation has extended to Ameri dose as the directors and management is same in both companies, it is also found to be non-compliant with the health standards. In such situation, the law has to decide whether to intervene and the companies to come up with the solution to the problem.

Keywords:  Law, Plaintiffs, Ethical conduct


1.    Should the legal system react to this case? If so, how should the legal system react to this case? If not, why?

Yes, the legal system should react to such case, since NECC is a private company that operates under the governance of the law and also under the hearth care is indulged to be responsible for such activity which has caused the death of 65 citizens and effected over 751 patients all over the country’s legal system can intervene over response in two ways, (1) it can act as the defendant of the patients who have suffered from the wrong mediation or (2) as a sole legal body that has the right to control and monitor the activity of the companies that comes under the healthcare umbrella.

The legal system must first analyses and identify the non-complaint matters that the NECC has been following or compromising upon. In doing so. It should pinpoint each act of the company under the each rule, the legal system should analyses the stance of the company and then propose the tentative punishment or penalty for the loss or such cases, the legal law must cease the activities of the company until the time it procures the right resources to manage the demand in market, along with the right sanitization and safety system approved by the health care addition, it should also penalize heavily NECC and also Ameri dose, so to refrain them from continuing such practices in future. The legal system has the right to intervene ne any activity that effects the health and life of the common citizens. (Gostin, 2005)

2.    Who is vulnerable to a lawsuit in this case? Who are the potential Plaintiffs who can bring suit? (Hint- there are multiple possibilities for both defendants and plaintiffs).

The company is Vulnerable in the particular case, as it is alleged by the healthcare authority for the supply of lethal steroids in the market, supported by the data from different cities and secondly due to the death occurred due to the use of steroid medicine of 65 people. Also, since the legal body and authority of healthcare has also found the activities and operations of the NECC non-complaint with the law and general health standards, the position of the company has further weaken in the industry and in the sight of law, leaving no chance for the company to prove the allegations wrong.


Double Troil Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In addition to all these events, the allegations and evidences from the company’s employees also reinforced the activities and thus left no way for the company to defend the position.The potential plaintiffs in the case are the patients who have been effected by the NECC actions. Since they have the medical history and data of using the medications of NECC, they can clearly claim the company for the lethal reaction occurred over the period of time.

However, the government can also play the role of plaintiff, as the company has broken the law of country under healthcare segment, the government can treat the company criminal in an act of regulation the health care standards in the city.(Bloomquist, 2017).And propose the penalty and punishment for breaking the law while remaining complaint under certain policy...............

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