Design Creates Fortune: 2000 Tower Oakes Boulevard Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Development company estimates that its ability to capture the benefits of investing in a LEED Platinum, Vedic design, and EnergyStar components in new buildings. The building at 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard in Rockville, Md., as they say, the healthiest buildings in the National Capital Region. Does it matter? Can the developer to realize a higher rent because of this? Developer provides a detailed analysis of the costs and benefits of energy efficiency measures, which overlap and reduce their total catch. They believe that the impact of these measures in combination with the Vedic design features (so-called Vastu) on overall health, performance and success in the business of building occupants. "Green leases" are considered as the developer is trying to lease a strategy that reflects these benefits and cost savings. The case has a deep look at many of the critical issues in the field related to the innovative development of the real estate.
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by John D. Macomber, Griffin, James Source: Harvard Business School 28 pages. Publication Date: March 22, 2010. Prod. #: 210070-PDF-ENG

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Design Creates Fortune: 2000 Tower Oakes Boulevard

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