CVS Health Corporation (NYS: CVS Health Corporation) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

CVS Health Corporation (NYS: CVS Health Corporation)

Dividend Policy:

 CVS Health Corporation Health Corporation Health Corporation has the policy to distribute the dividends to its shareholders quarterly. CVS Health Corporation has paid dividends to its shareholders for last five years and the dividends have increased each year. The average growth of dividends in last five years was 29.60%. are the main companies that can be compared to CVS Health Corporation. Out of all these companies,CVS Health Corporation has the highest value of $110 million and has the highest sales of $98.78 million among all.

 Capital Structure:

The Capital structure of the firm is how it finances its operations and growth by using the different sources of funds, long term debt, which includes the bond issues, notes payable etc. Equity is classified as common stock, retained earnings and the preferred stock. Equity is basically a short term debt to meet the working capital requirements.

CVS Health Corporation finances most of its operations through the long term debts, which consist of 94%of the total debt of the company while the short term debt is only 6%.

Over the last five years, most of the obligations of CVS Health Corporation have been long term. The long term debt over the last five years has increased from $8651.7 million to $11695 million, which shows an increase of 35% in five years. However, the long term debt has decreased in the year 2014 compared to the 2013 long term debt from $12841 million to $11695 million.

CVS Health Corporation has its main focus to finance the operation on the long term debt while the short term debt services have been minimally used by CVS Health Corporation. The short term debt of the company has increased from none in 2013 to $685 million in 2014; however the overall short term debt in last five years has decreased from $750 million in 2010 to $685 million in 2014....................

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CVS Health Corporation (NYS: CVS Health Corporation)

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