Crowdsourcing: A new way of employing non-employees? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Interest in and excitement for crowdsourcing is growing immensely. However, should it be viewed by organizations considering the utilization of crowdsourcing as simply another method of outsourcing to non-workers, or as something exceptional that's particular requirements for success? This article addresses that issue. After reviewing the various ways in which organizations employ non-employees to overcome resource limitations that are human, we suggest places in which they're not dissimilar and regions in which they're not same. Presenting crucial questions that each organization considering using crowdsourcing must address, we provide specific recommendations for all those organizations that choose to employ a crowd to match their needs. These recommendations are derived from an extensive review of the research literature and the professional literature, and include additional insights gleaned from transcripts of sales calls with prospective customers ran by a big crowdsourcing intermediary.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP



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Crowdsourcing: A new way of employing non-employees?

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