Creating A Customer-Oriented Company: ZZJYT At Haier Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Fischer, William A.; Lago; Umberto; Liu, Fang

The case likewise explains Haier's latest company design (ZZJYT), exactly what it is and how it works. Almost every tactical move that Haier has actually made over the previous 3 years has actually been to recognize the capacity of human skill and to work to release that skill in the context of China.

That these 2 styles are playing-out in a company that is contending in an "old economy," product market, and which comes out of an emerging market also, makes the story that much more amazing. Knowing goals: Two finding out goals go through the case: This story about how the company effectively transformed its company design and the supporting business culture a minimum of 3 times over a number of years will trigger executives to think about how their business are fulfilling the obstacles of vibrant competitive market environments. The case likewise highlights the power of understanding the capacity of human skill and releasing it to develop and sustain a competitive benefit.

Subjects: Corporate culture; ZZJYT; Company transformation; Management innovation; China; Zhang Ruimin; Chinese entrepreneurs; Refrigerator,; Globalization; Star Model; Business model generation; Business model canvas
Settings: China; Asia ; White goods; Consumer goods; Consumer appliances ; 2012: 80,000 employees; 27.4 billion USD revenue ; 1984 – 2012

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