Corporate Governance Failure at Satyam Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is about an US$1.4 billion corporate governance fraud at India's fourth-largest information technology firm: Satyam Computer Services. The firm offered IT outsourcing services including 185 Fortune 500 companies like Nissan Motors, GE and General Motors, to around 690 clients. By 2008, Satyam was an international business operating in 37 nations. The case follows the rise and fall of both Satyam and its founder, Raju, who was an important star in corporate India.

The case offers the opportunity to realize the various aspects of corporate governance and can be used to scrutinize the reasons behind corporate governance failures and a company that it might confront post-scandal. It is going to help pupils understand the role of a promoter, independent managers, auditors and the authorities in corporate governance malfunction.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Corporate Governance Failure at Satyam

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