Cooliris Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Wrong’s in the current Recruitment Process

  • Required Skills

Josh and Soujanya defined their strategy of recruitment to hire people who were competent regarding entrepreneurial and technical skills. The skills required for ‘3D Graphics Engineer’ required only technical skills. Looking it with entrepreneurial skills resulted in making the search for the potential personnel difficult.

  • Overestimation

The Cooliris team overestimated the hiring process as a simple and easy task to do. Josh thought that the new hiring would grab the opportunity and mentored by industry leading VC’s.

  • Lack of experience

Though Josh was a young and motivated person but he did not have experience of recruitment. He was a fresh graduate and was not supposed to lead the recruitment process especially if they were focusing on the potential hirees.

  • Motivation through incentives

Josh motivated the social networks by paying $1000 for those who will recommend a candidate leading to hiring. Though it was a good step but due to incentive factor, the team got lots of resumes from different social circle which resulted in mess-up.


Though the recruitment process of Cooliris was good but it was not effective which resulted in failure. Cooliris team should have to make proper action plan for the hiring of potential personnel. Following steps should be taken while doing recruitment:

  • 1.       Job Analysis and Job Description

Initially it is very necessary to find out the reason of specific job and how it can be done. What kind of skills and attributes are required for the post of ‘3D Graphics Engineer’?  Specifically in this case, the task or job is technical so the personnel will have to be technical and should previously have experience or skills according to the need of certain jobs.

  • 2.       Finding candidates

After analysis of the job and its responsibilities, the next step will be to find candidates like in this case, Cooliris will be requiring five candidates for the post of ‘3D Graphics Engineer’. It can be recruited either through internal sources or external sources. It should not be the only method for hiring otherwise undesired candidates will be found.

Candidates can be approached through the social networks but most importantly it can approach the job portal websites where candidates are usually looking for the jobs. Potential personnel can be approached through it. Alternatively, they can also find competent personnel from the campuses but since they are fresh, hence, they will need training. Candidates will have to be found from different sources to gather huge number of candidates for the test.

  • 3.       Managing the application process

The application forms will be filled by the candidates in order to provide the relevant and systematic information required by the company specifically for the post of ‘3D Graphics Engineer’. Application forms can be filled by providing specific information regarding what the company wants. It will help Cooliris to short list the candidates accordingly with their needs.

  • 4.       Technical tests

It is necessary be tested because after having the test, Cooliris will have to short list those candidates who will pass the technical tests specifically for the technical skills required for ‘3D Graphics Designer’. It will help the company to evaluate the candidates easily for interviews. Technical test will be made in the way so that every candidate will not be able to pass and only specific number of candidates will be short listed for an interview.

  • 5.       Interviews

After taking the technical tests of candidates, those who have passed the initial technical test will be called for further interview. It will be short listing those candidates who have potential and skills for the required job. In-depth interview of the candidates will be taken in order to analyze the interest and competencies of the candidate.

  • 6.       Selection

Finally those candidates will be selected who have already passed the test and gave outclass performance in their interviews. They will be given orientation about the company and its future objectives.............................

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