Clocky The Runaway Clock Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Proposed Actions: Data Nanda has been called out on media by several producers for promoting her cute little runaway alarm clock named “CLOCKY.” Nanda has been successful in attracting the audience towards her innovative alarm clock. Her clock is innovative and fulfills the requirements of the people who have trouble waking up in the mornings which results in missing classes or job timings.

Nanda should market her development as a “need” rather than a “fun” product. A large number of Americans face issues in getting up on time and face sleep deficiency issues. If Clocky is marketed as a need, then the ration of people getting attracted towards it would be higher as compared to being marketed as a need.

Placing Clocky in big retailers would only benefit her, as she would have the leverage of investment being done by the retailing giants for the starting order therefore, she won’t have to bear the expenses. The initial investment to manufacturers would be made by the retailers placing Clocky on their shelves, hence giving Nanda the liberty of starting of the vast distribution of her tailored innovative product.

Nanda should focus more on the styling of her alarm clocks as the consumers expect their alarm clocks to be technologically advanced. She should also make sure that it wakes them up and has a touch of style to it.

Rationale:Waking up on time has become a need for the working and the student segment. They don’t perceive waking up as a fun activity anymore. They prefer to wake up on time ignoring the minimum hours required for sleep.

Making Clocky available in big retail outlets would divert the power over her product towards the retailers to an extent however, she would gain more target audience from these retail giants as more people would be able to reach Clocky. The retail giants are in numerous cities and countries, which will open doors for Clocky. Nanda would be able to cater to larger number of consumers through huge retail chain network resulting in an increase in the availability of the product

Clocky The Runaway Clock Case Solution

Consumers have the tendency to add such products in their lifestyles, which have a touch of style to it. They use the products that enhance their image of being a person who choose products with a unique offering. Clocky’s stylish designs would only add up to its value by increasing its target audience and enhancing the physical appearance of the product....................

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