Clean Coal in the U.S. and China: An Industry Note Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case covers the coal industry and clean coal initiatives in China and the Unites States. Coal is an essential source of energy that is worldwide, but coal-fired plants are not environmentally friendly and are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. CCS endeavors all over the world are in the pilot and planning stage. One billion of that will go toward a troubled CCS job called "FutureGen" in Illinois, and the government is trying to put together a group of 20 private companies to invest in the project in order for it to move forward.

Private Companies, for example American Electric Power Company and Duke Energy are working on their own individual CCS pilot projects. The Chinese government has also gotten involved in joining on CCS endeavors, the most celebrated of which is GreenGen with private companies and encouraging clean coal technologies by dedicating billions of dollars to technology development. Seventy percent of China's energy comes from coal, in addition to eighty percent of its electricity. The case also looks at the arguments and impact of environmentalists on the adoption of clean coal technologies. Environmentalists, most notably former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, believe that clean coal is a myth and have been lobbying against clean coal and coal in general.


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Clean Coal in the U.S. and China: An Industry Note

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