Clarence Saunders: The Comeback King Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Follows the ups and downs of the founder of the modern supermarket, Clarence Saunders. Until 1915, all major trading took place in the common market or the store where the clerk behind the counter pulled the items from the shelves for customers, they measured a barrel, or get them out of the back of the store. The clerk counted the cost and added them to the loan account of the customer. Purchasing either delivered to your home or transferred on the spot - not a very efficient process. The whole ritual of buying food has changed the vision of Clarence Saunders and his Piggly Wiggly store. "Hide
by Nitin Nohria, Bridget Gurtler Source: Harvard Business School 12 pages. Publication Date: May 24, 2004. Prod. #: 404070-PDF-ENG

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Clarence Saunders: The Comeback King

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